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Year 6

PGL - A few from the first two days. More on the closed Facebook group.

Year 6 loved their 'half art' session today. We have some AMAZING artists here at 😀

Year 6 travelled back to the time of the Ancient Greeks. The children look amazing and are enjoying the myths and legends.

Today, we started building our fairground rides in Year 6. The children have (hopefully) learned the importance of accurate cutting.

Year 6 visited Cromwell this morning and put their investigative skills into action. They can now use chromatography, flame tests, fibre recognition and finger print analysis to identify murderers.

Our competitive nature came out today when we had to keep skipping for two minutes. The winner - no doubt - Mrs Folwell!

Year 6 have been experimenting with bread recipes today to find out which recipe worked the best!

Crime and Punishment Class Assembly

Science Investigation - Which conditions are best for yeast growth and how do we know?

Performing safe self rescue!

Crime and Punishment begins!

Cromwell Careers Convention

Huge congratulations to Brooke, Connie, Katie and Laila for coming second in the Ely heat of the Year 6 English Challenge. The girls worked brilliantly as a team to meet a range of challenges including a book quiz; memorising a poem; sorting pieces of writing into text types and a grammar task. Well done!

Welcome to Year 6!

Art and Computing all at once!

We have had a brilliant start to the term.  The children have been enthused by their new topic - Evolution and Interdependence and are beginning to connect all their ideas, scientific and religious and make their own theories about how the world began.  We have looked into Charles Darwin's achievements and the children have completed research - both digitally and using books - in preparation for some biography writing next week.  We have managed to get outside this week and not just for PE.  We have been classifying leaves in Science and have been sketching trees in art.  We have been working on detail and mastery in sketching through using lots of faint lines to achieve our desired shapes.  We are building up to creating our own art work based around Henri Rosseau.  We can't wait to see what the children come up with.


Homework - The menu is attached below just in case the paper copy sent home goes missing.  We have added this to Starz too alongside many other helpful links.  The children are welcome to share this area on Starz with you although they have been encouraged to keep their passwords safe and secure!  


They will also be bringing home a sheet called 'The Knowledge'.  This sheet shares all the key learning for their current topic, including a very helpful glossary.



Our little pal - Cossus Cossus - The Goat Moth

Welcome back!


We hope that you had a wonderful summer and are now raring to go!


You have made it to your last year of your primary school careers and we hope that it will be a year to remember. 


The first topic for this term is Evolution and Inheritance.  During this unit, we will be looking at Charles Darwin's evolutionary theories.  We will be looking at animals, where they came from and how they have evolved gradually over time.  We started today by trying to select relevant historical evidence to begin to question how the world came to be.

Reading is a key focus this year and it is important that reading takes place both in and out of school.  We all need to be reading fluently, with an average speed of 90 words per minute.  We also ask that the children read a variety of different texts as this will ensure that they are familiar with a range of books and styles.  The children will have their records and reading progress checked and tracked weekly.  This reading can be independent or shared.  The children will also be working hard to improve their vocabulary and they have 'Magpie' books which they can use to 'borrow' others' ideas.  It is essential that they use these frequently when reading as they will get loads of great ideas!


All the children now have access to Maths Whizz and as part of their work, they will be expected to complete at least an hour a week on the program.  In year 6, the children are responsible for making sure this is completed weekly.  For those who don't have access to it at home, they can use Maths Whizz at break and lunchtimes.


Mrs Folwell's class begin swimming lessons first (9/9/19) and these will continue for 8 weeks when Miss Cattini's class will take over and begin their lessons.


We have a residential trip planned for March to PGL and lots of other exciting things in the pipeline!