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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 2022-2023

Spring Term 2023

Ancient Greece Day

Year 6 have spent the day finding out about life in Ancient Greece.  They had a very creative morning getting involved in lots of hands on activities.  The children could choose from a range of activities: fresco painting, creating mosaics, making medicines, soap carving, making olive oil for burning, painting tiles, using clay to make prayer beads, making clay pots and creating their very own wax writing tablets.  Their finished products looked great!

During the morning session, the children had to be on the look out for a spy sent by the Persians.  After careful observation, the children identified the spy - it was Mrs Hanworth! 

After the morning activities, the children listened to some Greek myths.  They then worked in groups to prepare for the festival.  There were groups acting out Greek tragedies and comedies, another group dancing and a group acting as slaves and serving the food and drink for the feast. 

It has been a very busy and engaging day and a great way to start our topic on Ancient Greeks. 



Welcome to the Spring Term!  This term, our topic focus is Ancient Greece.  On Wednesday 11th January, History Off the Page are coming into school to provide an exciting and informative start to our topic.  We would like children to come dressed up for this day.  Please see below for the letter sent out before the Christmas holidays with more information about dressing up. The Knowledge sheet for this topic can be found on the school's Facebook page and a copy will also be sent home with your child.


PE will continue to be on Mondays and Fridays.  Appropriate kits and footwear must be in school for these sessions and all jewellery must be removed.  Mrs Hanworth's class will continue with swimming on Mondays.  Mrs Laws' class will also be swimming this term and a letter will be sent home closer to the time. 


Homework is still set via a 'menu' of options.  Please support your child to hand it in on time.  The homework menu can  be found below.


Design and Technology - Bread

This afternoon, Year 6 started their Design and Technology unit on Bread.  Over the course of the next few weeks, the children will complete a booklet of various activities.  The first activity was to identify, describe, taste and rank nine different varieties of bread.  As you can see, the children really enjoyed the taste test!

Today, Year 6 have been finding out about crimes throughout the ages and some of the gruesome and terrifying punishments that were used.  We have looked at artefacts used for punishments, acted out trials and conducted our very own witch hunt.  A great day has been had by all!

Battle of the Beaks!

Year 6 have carried out an experiment looking at the different beaks of Darwin's finches. They had several different beaks (scissors, teaspoons, tweezers or pegs) which they used to collect different types of food (sweets, buttons, sweetcorn, rubber bands or paperclips). They found that there was a beak more suited to each different type of food just as Darwin did when he visited the Galapagos Islands.

Year 6 have been finding out about DNA. They used sweets to create a double helix. They were amazed to find that humans share 99.9% same DNA and roughly 50% same DNA as a banana!

Year 6 have been learning about the artist Henri Rousseau. They have found out about him and have explored drawing in a similar style.

Year 6 English Challenge

These four children did a fantastic job of representing Glebelands at the Year 6 English Challenge. They were a real credit to our school and their parents. Well done everyone!

This is the final year of your primary education journey and what a year it is going to be! Alongside lots of new learning and hard work (by the bucketful), we will have fun and plenty of laughs.  


We will add more to this page throughout year, sharing with you important information, The Knowledge sheets and photos of your experiences. 


Key information:

* PE will be on Mondays and Fridays.  Earrings must be removed: we cannot cover earrings with tape. Year 6 will be swimming this year and information regarding this will be sent home closer to the time. 

* Children are expected to read for at least 20 minutes per day.  This is not limited to school books.  There are many different forms of reading materials and it is useful for your children to be exposed to lots of different styles and genres.  Talk to your children about what they are reading.  This doesn't have to be a set time but can take place during meal times, whilst out in the car or walking etc.  This really will make a difference!   

* Homework will be set as a 'menu' where children choose a task to complete and hand in each fortnight.