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Year 6

Summer Term 2022

Welcome to your final term here at Glebelands Primary Academy and what a busy term it will be!  SATs are approaching fast and with all of your hard work, you are in a good place for these.  We have lots of  interesting learning ahead and many of you are keen to find out about the World Wars.  Alongside interesting new learning, we also have lots of exciting things planned! 



Summer Term - The Knowledge: The Wars

Welcome to the Spring Term!

This term, we will be learning all about Ancient Greece.  We will find out about Ancient Greek culture and the legacy they left behind.  We will learn about the gods and goddesses and mythical beasts. There is so much to find out and discover!



Year 6 had a fantastic day - here are a selection of photos!

Ancient Greece Day

We have had great fun finding out about Ancient Greece.  We had a virtual workshop and found out about life in Athens and the myth ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’.   We have spent the afternoon learning about life in Sparta and making lots of things such as: tile mosaics, clay charms, laurel wreaths to wear at the Olympics when we win and much more.    To experience more of Ancient Greek life, we even got to taste some traditional Greek foods like pitta, feta cheese and olives.  Olives proved to be either a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ moment!  

Below, you will find the homework for this term.  Please make sure that it is handed in on time and is to a high standard.  PE continues to be on Mondays and Fridays.  Earrings must be removed!


Autumn Term

Year 6 completed their DT project on Bread yesterday.  The children voted for their favourite ingredients and unsurprisingly chocolate chips came out on top! As you can see from the pictures, both classes had a great time making and then tasting their bakes!

Tudor Roses

As part of their Crime and Punishment topic, Year 6 spent the day in Ely. They had a guided tour of Oliver Cromwell's House and a walking tour of Ely finishing at Ely Assizes now known as Ely Magistrates Court. A great time was had by all!

In their Design and Technology lessons, Year 6 have been learning about bread.  Last week, they tasted several different types of bread.  This week, they made their own loaves of bread.  Each group were given a standard bread recipe with a slight variation e.g. no salt, more salt, a different type of flour.  They investigated how the variations changed the texture and taste of the bread. There were some very interesting results!

As their entry point to their new topic, Crime and Punishment, Year 6 got to experience some Victorian punishments first hand! They found out about the differences in punishments for the common people vs the noblemen during the Roman period.  Using the inkpads to analyse their fingerprints was a messy yet interesting activity.

Autumn Term 2


This half term, we will be learning about Crime and Punishment.  We will be finding out about how crimes and their punishments have changed throughout history.


Below you will find The Knowledge for this half term. 



During their art lessons before the half term Year 6 studied the work of Henri Rousseau.  They practiced drawing leaves and animals in his style then learnt how to mix paint on the paper to create a layered effect. 



In science we have been learning about microorganisms. 


We carried out an experiment with yeast to show that it is a living thing.  The balloons inflated which showed us respiration.


In our second experiment, one person washed their hands thoroughly and touched a slice of bread then another person just touched the bread without the thorough hand wash.  Two weeks later, we can see the amount of growth on the bread which shows us the importance of handwashing.

Charles Darwin


During our History and Geography lessons we have been looking at the voyage and discoveries of Charles Darwin.  

Autumn Term 1

This half term, we will be learning all about evolution.  We will be finding out about Charles Darwin, his voyage and his findings.  We will also be discussing the significance of his finds and how this created the theory of evolution. 

Below you will find The Knowledge for this half term.  You will also find the homework menu for the Autumn Term.


Welcome to Year 6


Welcome back to the new school year.  It is exciting having you all back in the classroom and getting ready for the year ahead.

For the first few weeks of term, we will be focusing on a whole school text.  You will have to wait to find out what the title is  wink.  We want to spend time exploring our local green spaces and thinking about what we can do to help care for our environment.

After this, we will begin our topic on Evolution.  We will send out 'The Knowledge' sheet for this closer to the time.

PE days are on Mondays and Fridays so please ensure that you have kits on these days.  


Keep checking back to see what we have been up to!