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Year 4

Lion Learners Day


Year 4 have had a fantastic start to their new topic: Living Things and Their Habitats. We have been on a minibeast hunt and identified different trees, created a chart for our data, began growing our own plants and then looked at slides with magnifying glasses to see pumpkin ovaries, butterfly wings and lots more in detail. We also had the animals in which the children loved and they have learnt lots of fun facts about their habitats, how they protect themselves, the animal's past history, what they eat and drink and lots more. They have been fantastic and it has been a wonderful day.


What a day we had!

Day 2 of Burwell has been eventful. A wonderful breakfast of cereal, toast, fruit, yoghurt and orange juice started us off well prepared for the chilly weather! We have had a super day filled with great activities including: making keyrings (enamelling) and a variety of team games that led to the chance to build a safety pod to protect an egg being dropped from the third floor - 2 survived!

We have also enjoyed our meals with a Roast Chicken lunch (brownie for dessert) and pizza, chips and spaghetti this evening with flapjack.

All in all, another great day and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

The Year 4 Team

Year 4 have had an amazing start to their trip at Burwell. We have explored the grounds, completed team games and used our orienteering skills to navigate - even using mirrors to look at the sky whilst walking (carefully!). All the children have eaten well (sausage and mash AND chicken goujons and chips). We are now settled with games, colouring and a good DVD - The Incredibles.

Welcome to the Spring Term! Our new topic is Living Together. We will be finding out all about our local area and what life was like in the Fens in the past. We will be using all our skills as historians to make historical enquiries, look at artefacts and other sources of evidence and identify change and continuity. We will also be learning about Rivers in Geography and identifying the features of local rivers and those further afield. The children will, of course, be going to Burwell House and we are all really looking forward to that. 


PE will continue to be taught on Thursdays and Fridays and children should have both indoor and outdoor kit with suitable footwear on those days. All earrings must be removed prior to the lesson to comply with health and safety guidance.


You should have received a new Homework sheet for this term. Reading daily is also expected and the children must record their reading on the Reading Record Card and bring it to school daily. TTRockstars is also an expectation. It really does help with times tables and will help the children to prepare for the Multiplication Check at the end of year 4.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.






Year 4 have started their character descriptions by designing and making their own characters. They have amazing imaginations and their creativity has been superb.

Remembrance Day

Spectacular Homework and Work to be Proud of

Good afternoon,


Just a reminder that Year 4 have their residential trip meeting on Thursday 8th September at 5:15pm.


It is also Ancient Egypt day on Thursday 15th September and a letter detailing outfits and names has been sent home.


If you have any questions, catch us at the end of the day or email the office. 


Thank you,
The Year 4 Team

Welcome to Year 4!


We are looking forward to welcoming you all back for the exciting year ahead. 

We will add more to this page throughout the year, sharing with you important information, the knowledge sheets and photos of the children's experiences. 


Key information:

* PE will be on Thursdays and Fridays.  

Earrings must be removed: we cannot cover earrings with tape. 

* Children are expected to read for at least 20 minutes per day.  This is not limited to school books as there are many different forms of reading materials including magazines, comics, diaries etc. 

Talk to your children about what they are reading - this doesn't have to be a set time but can take place during meal times, whilst out in the car or walking etc.  This really will make a difference!   

* Homework will be set as a 'menu' where children choose a task to complete and hand in each fortnight on a Friday and this will be sent home next week.  

We like to display these tasks to show off the children's work from home and celebrate their efforts.

* Indoor shoes: Please ensure your child has indoor shoes to change into for this school year. These should have a back to them and be suitable to wear outside in case of an emergency. 



The Burwell House parent information evening is on Thursday 8th September.


Our first topic will be on The Ancient Egyptians and as an entry point we will be having an Egyptian day in school very soon. We will be providing further information about this exciting event next week. 


We look forward to a great year!


Best wishes

The Year 4 Team