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Year 4

Year 4 had the best time at Burwell House, taking part in orienteering lessons, team building activities and creating a news report in a real TV studio.

A few pictures from the Year 3/4 Christmas performance last week held at Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul.
Year 4 had a fabulous day on Thursday discovering all about Ancient Egyptian life. They all looked as though they had travelled back 3000 years! In the morning, they had a great time experiencing the different jobs from the era, and listened to some intriguing Egyptian stories! After Lunch, the children had a grand feast in the hall of wine (juice), bread, cheese and grapes, while watching each other perform the classic tales that they had heard before. A wonderful day was had by all and the children were captivated by their learning experience!
Welcome to Year 4!

We'd like to welcome our new Year Fours to an exciting Autumn term.

During this term, we will be following a unit of work that focuses on Ancient Egypt.


In history, we will be: 

  • Finding out about the importance of rivers to ancient civilisations. 
  • Finding out about the daily life of Ancient Egyptians.
  • Learning how to write using Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
  • Finding out about the different rulers of Ancient Egypt.
  • Finding out about Ancient Egyptian religion and burials.
  • Exploring how the pyramids were built.
  • Finding out about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.


In art and DT, we will be:

  • Representing Ancient Egypt through painting, collage and textiles and sculpture.
  • Creating Egyptian Shadufs out of wood.


Our Ancient Egyptian day is on Thursday 12th September, where the children will learn about the daily life of Egyptians. On this day, they will need to dress up as Ancient Egyptian slaves.


Keep a look out for photographs of what we are learning about. 


The children love to share their work!