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Year 5

Glebelands People of the Week! Week 2, Miss Slyfield's class

You always have perfect presentation and are a role model to the class.
You have been concentrating hard and ask some interesting questions.
You have been working really hard and always with a big smile. A little ray of sunshine!
You have settled back into the school routine well and worked hard!

Glebelands People of the Week 2, Week 2, Mrs Hanworth's class

You have settled well into class and are joining in.
You are positive and so very polite.
You are a good team player and are trying your best.
You a getting on well with your work and remain positive.

Glebelands People of the week! Week 1 Miss Slyfield's class

You have settled in well to a new school and had a wonderful first week.
You have settled into a new school year well and have produced some good work.
You gave your first week back your very best effort, well done!
You have contributed well to class discussions this week and had some great insights.

Week 1, Glebelands Persons of the week, Mrs Hanworth's class

You have settled so well into Glebelands. Well done!
You have settled well into Year 5 and try your best.
What a super first week you have had. Well done!
A very positive start to year 5. Very positive.

Welcome to Year 5


Welcome back to the new school year, we hope that you are feeling well rested and have had a wonderful summer!


For the first two weeks of this year, we have a whole school focus on a book called ‘Here we are’. We will explore and support children to engage in reflections around some of the thoughts, feelings and responses arising from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Each series of sessions will explore the key themes of:


Earth’s place in the wider universe

The Earth’s environment

Our place on the planet as humans

How we, as humans, relate to each other

Other species and our responsibility towards them

Belonging and community

Our responsibility as world citizens


After this, we will begin our space topic. The children will bring home a copy of the knowledge nearer the time.



This year the children will be taking one book home from the school library and keeping it at home to read before bringing it back to be quarantined. It is important that they are reading each day to build confidence and to help with fluency. We will be collecting reading records in near the end of each half term to have a look at what they have read and to make a comment. The first date that we would like them back to be checked is Thursday 15th October.


We are moving away from Maths Whizz this year and are going to use a new homework platform called ‘My Maths’. A topic will be set and this needs to be completed each week.

Keep a look out for photographs of what the children have been learning about!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Keep a look put for pictures of the activities that we've been doing. We're looking forward to a brand new year with lots of learning and laughs!