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We provide a knowledge-based curriculum built on prior learning that is accessible to all pupils. Pupils at greater depth will apply their knowledge to multiple contexts and link these where appropriate within Geography and across the wider curriculum.  

Deliberate practice will be frequently used to support pupils to recall and retrieve substantive knowledge which will build key skills.  

Our Geography curriculum is built around the principles of cumulative knowledge focusing on spaces, places, scale, human and physical processes with an emphasis on how content is connected and relational knowledge acquired.  

Children will become experts with a broadening knowledge of the subject.  

Specific and associated geographical vocabulary is planned sequentially and cumulatively from Years 1 – 6.  


We complete Revisit Units to support children’s knowledge of prior learning. We also do entry points with what children know already and what they would like to find out.  

Knowledge organisers and knowledge notes are used to support vocabulary and key concepts, ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum.  

Quizzes are used throughout a unit to recap key concepts and assess children’s recall of key knowledge from the previous weeks.  

Children are able to confidently discuss their learning using accurate geographical vocabulary. Differentiation will provide the scaffolding to gain the required knowledge and skills for all children with greater depth children linking this appropriately across the wider curriculum.  


Children will be able to recall prior knowledge confidently and explain key concepts about each unit. They will understand and use appropriate geographical vocabulary in their lives and in their writing.  

Active learning experiences will have played an important role in ensuring SEND pupils fully access the geography curriculum and this will be seen in alternate ways of recording information including the use of photographs and technology.  

CUSP Example of Work

EYFS Forest School

Year 1 Walk Around Chatteris

Year 1 Orchard Visit

Continent Song

Year 2 Different Environments and Terrariums

Year 4 Burwell Residential - Mapwork and Orienteering

Year 5 Biomes