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At Glebelands Primary Academy it is our intention to deliver an ambitious science curriculum that is organised into 3 distinct areas of learning; Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The National Curriculum is delivered by placing knowledge, vocabulary and thinking scientifically at the heart of our principles, structure and practice. 


Our science curriculum is built around the principles of substantive and disciplinary knowledge which enables the children to become experts with a broadening knowledge of the subject. It is logically organised with a clear sequence of progressive skills to ensure children develop a coherent knowledge of scientific skill, concepts and processes. Each module draws upon the children’s prior learning which is revisited in subsequent year groups. This cumulative model supports opportunities for all children to connect scientific concepts over time and with increasing expertise and knowledge. 


Learning is revisited each year so that new and potentially abstract content can be delivered in relation to what children already know. The plans are infused with evidence-led practice and enriched with retrieval studies to ensure long-term retention of foundational knowledge, which are cemented in the EYFS through learning within the natural world.  

High frequency, multiple meaning words (Tier 2) are taught explicitly and help make sense of subject specific words. 


Staff ensure children are exposed to high-quality teaching of CUSP units and learning experiences, which include children participating in experiments to develop their scientific enquiry, investigative skills and provide children with opportunities to independently answer relevant scientific questions.


CUSP quizzes will be used throughout a unit to recap key concepts and assess children’s recall of key knowledge. Knowledge organisers are used to support vocabulary and key concepts, ensuring full coverage of the National Curriculum.  


Active learning experiences will ensure that all children can access the curriculum, including SEN. Children are able to confidently discuss their learning using accurate, scientific vocabulary. Differentiation will give children the scaffolding to gain the required knowledge and skills for all children. 


Revisiting previous learning each year helps to accelerate new learning as children integrate prior understanding to show clear progression from EYFS to Year 6.  

Children will be able to recall prior knowledge confidently and explain key concepts about each unit. They will understand and use appropriate scientific vocabulary during lessons, within writing as well as across the curriculum.