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At Glebelands, we follow the National Curriculum for History and, alongside this, we aim to ensure that all learners:  

- Develop into passionate and inquisitive young historians who are able to think critically; evaluating and challenging their own and others’ views using a range of historical evidence 

- Grow as young historians who think, reflect, debate and discuss the past by asking and answering ambitious historical enquiry questions about the past 

- Can communicate their understanding of past events verbally and in writing by using rich historical vocabulary 

Understand chronological order and how events in the past have led to us being able to live the lives we live today 


History is an integral part of the curriculum at Glebelands. We aspire to deliver an exciting, engaging knowledge-rich curriculum which allows our students to learn more and remember more about events of the past.

Through our curriculum, learners gain secure chronological understanding, are able to make links in their learning, and build upon their historical knowledge, vocabulary and skills as they progress through the school.

We believe that by supporting our teaching with local trips, visitors and resources, we are enabling the children of Glebelands to become inquisitive learners who show a desire to learn more about the past, to ask and answer ambitious questions about the history of their local environment, Britain and the wider world, and whose love of learning extends beyond the classroom. 

Year 3 trip to Flag Fen


The CUSP History curriculum we follow at Glebelands is built around the principles of advancing cumulative knowledge, chronology, change through cause and consequence, as well as making connections within and throughout periods of time studied.  It is planned so that the retention of knowledge is much more than just ‘in the moment knowledge’.

The curriculum is made memorable by retrieval and spaced retrieval practice using Socrative quizzes for each unit taught, word building and deliberate practice tasks. Some learning modules are revisited to help children remember more. Children will be able to discuss their learning with enthusiasm and demonstrate their understanding by reflecting back on work in their books. 

History Curriculum 2023/24

Year 1 recreating an old Chatteris shop

Year 4 - Trip to West Stow, an Anglo Saxon Village

Year 5 - Maya - Learning the Maya number system - cross curricular maths