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Class Based Teaching Assistants


Foundation Stage - Clare Parnell, Mandy Lacey and Sophie Martin

Year 1 - Lucy Marsh and Di Thomas

Year 2 - Jillian Leslie and Mandy Smith

Year 3 - Rachael Thorne and Karen Simpson

Year 4 - Lisa Donkin and Linda Tilbrook  

Year 5 - Jane Oakey and Charlotte Stanley

Year 6 - Jo Wayman and Michelle Richardson


Teaching Assistants


Carrie Bromfield

Di Brown

Ross Chamberlain

Phoebe Elliott

Chris Hennessey

Mirren Mitchell

Harriet Nooteboom

Zoe Waters

Tina Watson


Midday Co-ordinator - Lisa Donkin





Caretaker  - Natalie Harrison



Lisa Rolfe

Carrie Bromfield

Michelle Whittaker






Catering staff - 

Delyse Steed

Cheryl Wilson

Steph Gray

Keeley Mortimer