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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Angela Wood - Headteacher

Class Based Teaching Assistants


Foundation Stage - Clare Parnell, Phoebe Elliott and Sophie Martin 

Year 1 - Sophie Martin and Diane Thomas

Year 2 - Carrie Bromfield and Lucy Marsh

Year 3 - Linda Tilbrook and Jillian Leslie

Year 4 - Tamsyn Cheetham and Zoe Ayres

Year 5 - Lisa Donkin  and Charlotte Stanley

Year 6 - Jo Wayman and Michelle Richardson


Teaching Assistants


Di Brown

Ross Chamberlain

Chrissie Richardson

Harriet Nooteboom

Tina Howitt

Jodie Taylor

Debby Webb

Jo Furness

Becky Kupyn

Sharon Charles



Ross Chamberlain (leading play KS2)

Carrie Bromfield

Jodie Taylor

Di Thomas

Natalie Hall

Lisa Rolfe

Astrid Charrier

Jo Furness

Rebecca Kupyn

Emma Tuffin

Hannah Wicker

Jo Osborne

Shonnie Spicer





Caretaker  - Natalie Hall



Lisa Rolfe

Lisa Summersell

Michelle Whittaker






Catering staff - 

Delyse Steed

Cheryl Wilson

Steph Gray

Keeley Mortimer