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Religious Education


Our aim is to support children to develop their understanding of faiths and beliefs of individuals and communities and how these may shape culture and behaviour. Both religious and non – religious world views are explored. By children exploring and engaging with a variety of beliefs this will allow children to avoid stereotyping and judgement of others. RE is important in contributing to a child’s well-being as well as having an impact on their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. In turn it also benefits wider community links in Chatteris, which are of a predominantly White British/White Eastern European Christian cultures. 


The curriculum ensures that prior learning is built upon and developed as the children progress through the school.  The teaching sequence is based on a weekly lesson of an hour. Although in some year groups there is a need to block RE sessions.  

By following this knowledge rich curriculum, the children will be able to gain knowledge of Christianity and other world religions in the UK. In addition, the children will be able to develop an understanding of the beliefs, values and traditions of individuals, communities, societies and cultures. Through this the children will develop respect towards others with differing beliefs.   



year 1- 6 overview



The RE Curriculum encourages the exploration of religions, engagement with the knowledge acquired and reflect on their learning and lives. 

  • To develop pupils’ skills. 

  • To enable them to ask questions in a safe space that allows challenge. 

  • To discover information and to approach new material with empathy. 

  • To reflect on their learning. 

A selection of books for RE