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Year 2

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Year 2's made insulated boxes today to hold an ice cube! They had to design and make their boxes, then choose from felt, foil, bubble wrap or polystyrene to insulate their boxes. They will be testing them tomorrow 😄

How long does it take for an ice cube to melt? We made predictions and then timed it. In Mrs Igoe’s room it took 45 minutes and only 38 minutes in Mrs English’s room. 

We will be testing our ideas as to how to make ice melt more quickly.

We are really enjoying our new story, The Snow Dragon, by Vivian French.

Dry Ice!

Great excitement today when a large parcel of dry ice was delivered to school. We had great fun carrying out a series of experiments to find out what happens when dry ice warms up.

Happy New Year!

our first topic this year is ‘Freeze It!’ We will be finding out about heating and cooling so we spent time investigating ice and water and sharing what we already know.

Reward Day

We had a great day dancing, playing games and enjoying party food - all to mark the end of a really good term.

We particularly enjoyed our Skip To Be Fit session and we are inspired to take up skipping in the new year!


Stable Hoe Down

We enjoyed performing to you. Stable Hoe Down was lots of fun; we loved all the songs. In fact, we are still singing them!

Wrap Party!

We have been learning about healthy eating so we planned and made healthy wraps for our 'Wrap Party' to mark the end of our Super Humans topic.

We identified the food groups that the ingredients belonged to and used chopping, grating and peeling skills to prepare veg. All that whittling in forest school meant that we were brilliant at peeling! We enjoyed our wraps which we washed down with chilled water with slices of orange and lemon.


Year Two Scientists!

We had a visit from two ambassadors from Mundipharma International who taught us all about keeping healthy. We learned how to wash our hands thoroughly to help to stop germs from spreading and we met some cuddly versions of microbes. Hopefully we have some budding scientists in Year Two.

We held a Macmillan Coffee morning. We made flap jack and chocolate crispies and we learned songs and poems which we performed at the coffee morning. We counted the money ourselves which was good practice at counting in 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s and 50s!

We are proud to have raised £247. 

We are enjoying Traction Man Is Here by Mini Grey.


We got our topic off to a great start with a Super Humans Day where we designed and made superhero masks.
Our first topic this term is ‘Super Humans’. This topic builds on the children’s prior knowledge of the body and our senses. We will be finding out sbout our amazing bodies and how to keep them healthy. We have outlined key knowledge and vocabulary in ‘The Knowledge’ which we have attached below.