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Year 2

The Freeze It lab

The children became scientists yesterday when then walked into the freeze it lab! They had a wonderful morning exploring the properties of dry ice and watching some mystical and sometimes explosive experiments. The children discovered that dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and is -79 degrees! They made some great predictions before each experiment and then watched to see if they were correct. The experiments we tried were: The horrible hand, The witch’s bucket, The bubble monster, Frozen fruit, Safe explosions and The rocket! The children had a wonderful time and are excited to learn more about their topic Freeze It!





Experimenting with water and ice


To start our topic off, the children explored the properties of water and ice and we discussed what they already know about them and what they discovered while they experimented with them today. They came up with some really great ideas and have already made steps in understanding the properties of different materials.

Freeze It!

We have started our new and very exciting topic today! This term we are working on the topic Freeze it! The children will be learning about different materials and completing lots of exhilarating experiments. Keep an eye out to see what these little scientists get up to! 

From A to B

In Year 2 we are starting our new topic, from A to B. In this topic we will be exploring the history of flight and learning about two very important people who came up with a great invention. Alongside this, we are going to be looking at maps and finding out how we can use them to locate countries, continents and oceans, as well as using compasses and photographs to study geography.


To get the children excited about their new topic, we decided to go on a treasure hunt! The children were left will a map of the school and instructions to follow. To unlock the treasure, the children had to find where the inkpads were using their map and mark their map with a fingerprint. Once they had all completed the task, they managed to unlock the treasure chest, which was full of delicious chocolate coins!

Making healthy wraps

Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon making their own healthy wraps yesterday to end their first topic, Superhumans! They took the time to plan their wraps and choose the ingredients that they enjoy.  They had a choice between tuna, cheese, lettuce, peppers, carrot, cucumbers and tomatoes to put into their wraps and chose how they would prepare this and what tools they would use. They had a go at cutting, grating and peeling the ingredients that they chose.  

Afterwards, we sat together and enjoyed eating them and discussed the food wheel and the different food groups that were in their wrap to make it healthy.

Our Church Walk

In RE, we have been learning about churches and how they can be very different from one another so today we went on a  walk around Chatteris to have a look at the different churches that are around town. First, we looked at the old chapel that has been converted into a house and the children liked the pretty stained glass windows. We then walked through town and looked at St Peter and St Paul's church and the children were delighted when the bells started to ring! After, we walked past the Emmanuel church and finally we had a look at the Salvation Army Fortress and told them about how much charity they do.


When we got back from the children got to work drawing maps and writing some very detailed recounts! 



Super Humans Day

Year 2 had a super day getting ready for our Super Humans topic. The children completed Chamberlain challenges in the morning, which consisted of step ups, hoola hoops, an obstacle course, skipping, bouncy hoppers and finally the hydration station. The children got their heart rates up by completing all of the exercises and had fun while doing it. In the afternoon, the children took time to make their own superhero masks and their very own sidekick, Forky.


We are looking forward to learning more about humans this term!

Super Humans!

Our first topic this year is Super Humans! We will be learning about what humans are and what they need to live healthily. We got our topic off to a great start with a super humans day where we made masks, carried out 'Chamberlain's Challenges' and make a side-kick 'Forky' character. 

                         Welcome to Year Two 


We hope that you have all had a wonderful summer holiday and are looking forward to another great year. We are excited to welcome everyone back into school and we are looking forward to getting to know everyone. We have lots of great learning planned and this page will keep you up to date, so please keeping checking in to see pictures of what we have been up to!        


Miss Slyfield's PE days are on Tuesday and Thursday 

Mrs English's PE days are on Thursday and Friday 

Please make sure to come with appropriate PE kits, including safe footwear and no jewellery is allowed to be worn on these days. 



Reading: 15 minutes a day 

Numbots: 20 minutes a week 

As well as this, each month a folder will be given out with fun homework tasks relating to our topic. You can choose which of these to complete and these can be handed in throughout the month.