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Year 2

World Book Day 


Year 2 had a wonderful day on World Book Day and really enjoyed sharing their stories with each other. 

Dry Ice experiments 

Year 2 had a fantastic time starting their 'Freeze it' topic by watching some great dry ice experiments in our freeze it lab!

They loved watching the witches bucket experiment and seeing the mist created by adding water to dry ice. To make it even better we added washing up liquid which then created loads of bubbles that foamed out over the top, this was called the bubble monster. They enjoyed watching dry ice being placed gently into a glove and watching as it got bigger and bigger. Then, they watched as a lemon and a banana was frozen and smashed with a hammer! They were amazed by the rocket which flew across the playground. Dry ice was put in a bottle with water and sealed. The pressure grew and the bottle popped!

The children had great fun and as a result have written loads of wonderful pieces of work about the day.

Freeze It

Welcome back to a new term, we hope that you all had a wonderful break. 


Our topic for this term is freeze it. We will be learning about the cold and completing some science experiments as well as researching cold places.


Keep coming back to our page to have a look at what we are getting up to in class.

Reward Day


Year 2 had a wonderful day today celebrating after a great term. They have worked really hard and have already made great progress and it was lovely for them to have some fun. The kids had an amazing time watching the magician who had lots of tricks up his sleeves! 


We wish you all a very merry Christmas and send our best wishes for 2022! 


The Year 2 team.

Reward Day!


This is our first topic. We are learning about what humans are like and the ways we can keep ourselves healthy.

We got our topic off to an energetic start with some fitness challenges.


                         Welcome to Year Two 

We are excited to welcome everyone back into school and we are looking forward to getting to know everyone.

We have lots of great learning planned and this page will keep you up to date.         

We have started the term by looking at this book:

This has helped us to think about the way that plants and flowers make us feel, and the importance of friends.


Thank you for sending your children back to school looking so smart in their uniforms. Please make sure that jumpers, sweat shirts and cardigans are clearly labelled so that we can return lost items to their owners!


Our PE days are Tuesday and Fridays.

Please remember that earrings should not be worn on these days.