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Year 1

Our Y1 Reward Day!

Year 1 had an amazing time celebrating our reward day. I think you can tell by their faces how magical Matthew the magician really was! They deserved a great treat after a term of hard work and lots of learning!

Fruit tasting!

Cup phones! Investigating sound.

Exploring the colour wheel

Special delivery!

Year 1 completed a very exciting project. Last week each child wrote a card to share their thanks at harvest time. The front of the card showed their own 'leaf' acrostic poem and inside they wrote a message.

They even had a go at writing their own addresses and putting a stamp on their envelope.

On Friday we took a walk around town to post our letters at the post box. We also had a special visit from a local post lady who talked to the children all about delivering post.

The children had a go at independently writing their predictions for our new book Smelly Louie.

Autumn word collecting

We went outside to find Autumn words. We used phonics to help us write words.

Church visit

The children visited the church of St Peter and St Paul in Chatteris to learn all about harvest. We were able to write and draw about things we were thankful for like our family, homes and food.

We spent the afternoon building rafts for Max. We collected sticks, taped the together, made a sail and then checked that they float.

Wild Things!

The children created their own wild things based on our story Where the Wild Things Are.

The children had lots of fun sharing things from home that helped us to learn lots about them.

Welcome to Year 1

We can't wait to see you all back in school. We are looking forward to getting to know you all and we are all excited and ready to enjoy the year ahead.