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Forest Adventures

We have been planting trees.

We received 60 free trees from The Tree Appeal. We planted Elder, Hazel, Crab Apple and Field Maple. We planted them next to our forest area. We hope they will grow tall.


Hapa Zome

Today in the forest we created leaf prints. To make Hapa Zome we used a hammer to gently pound the leaf to create a print. It worked really well and we were all really pleased with our prints.


This week we had some visitors to the forest. We found some friends hiding in the trees. They enjoyed joining in with our games.


This week in the woods we have been exploring using our senses. We met a tree and we used our senses to learn more about it. Was the bark rough or smooth? What did it look like? Tall and thin or small and stumpy? We also made a rope walk and explored what it was like to walk without our sense of sight. Some of us then made our own rope walk.


Mud glorious mud



Still image for this video


In the forest we matched natural materials that we found to paint chart colours. We had to look very closely to make sure we matched the correct shade.


We have been enjoying our first trip to the forest. We loved our new fire circle.

The animals had left us a book. We quietly sat and listened to the story. The animals had lost their warm cosy home so we made them new ones.





This week in the forest we have been eating hotdogs. The children used flint and steel to start the fire and we cooked our hotdogs over the fire. They were yummy!


7.3.18 We did not let the snow stop us enjoying the forest.


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In the forest this week we have been learning how to use a flint and steel to light a fire safely.

When the fire was lit we popped some corn. We wore welders gloves to protect our hands.


We have been having lots of fun during our first sessions in the forest.

We have worked on our gross motor skills by rolling logs.
We have helped each other on the rope swing.
And we practiced our counting as we walked round the stepping stones.
We had fun on the rope swing today. We sorted out taking turns and pushing each other by ourselves.
This week in the forest we toasted marshmallows which was very exciting!
First we whittled a stick - we're getting good at that now.
Next we used the flint and steels to light a fire - it was hard work and we had to persevere for a long time.
Then we put a marshmallow on our whittled stick and held it over the flames until it started to melt and went all gooey.
Yum yum!

This week in the forest Foundation Stage have been learning to whittle. Whittling helps us to develop our perseverance, concentration and fine motor skills.



We used the big loppers to cut a stick from the Willow.


Then we used a potato peeler to whittle. We discovered that underneath the bark our sticks were smooth.
It has been very muddy in the forest this term but we don't mind. We like getting muddy!
We have been toasting marshmallows in the forest.
Whittle a stick.
Put a marshmallow on the end.
Hold the marshmallow over the flames for a few seconds.
Eat it!

This week it was very wet, cold and muddy in the forest and the place we usually have our base camp was flooded.





SO we...




moved our camp and put up a shelter to keep ourselves dry.


 kept our hands warm by holding on to our hot juice cups and putting our hands in warm soapy water (this also washed the mud off them)
and ran up and down the hill to keep warm

Our first half term in the forest has been very exciting!

We have...


climbed trees

discovered lots of ladybirds and found out that they hibernate in the winter
made stickmen
made hotels for ants
and sometimes we've stayed very still and listened to the sounds we can hear
but... our favourite thing so far has been pouring our own hot chocolate.