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Welcome to Glebelands Primary Academy.

We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. This website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.


We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have or if you think there is anything missing.


 We are proud of our school and would also be pleased to see you in person if you have time to call in.


Thank you for visiting!


Our Aims, Ethos and Values


We aim to:

  • Provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, which meets the educational, emotional and social needs of all pupils
  • Deliver the curriculum through high quality teaching, which enables all children to meet national standards
  • Enable all pupils to develop self-confidence, pride in their achievements at school and to take responsibility for their learning
  • Encourage all pupils to develop respect for themselves and others in school and for those in the wider society
  • Provide a safe and secure environment in which to learn
  • Develop meaningful links with families and the local community

We believe:

  • That each of us is special and unique
  • That we should all be open and honest
  • That personal goals work alongside academic attainment to give the best possible outcomes
  • That every child should be given equal opportunities regardless of learning needs, disability, religion, gender, culture or social background
  • That parents and the wider community have a role in the life of our school
  • That learning should be interesting and fun

We want Glebelands to be a school where:

  • Liberty and tolerance are actively promoted
  • We all hold dear the values agreed with parents and pupils
  • The children have respect for the people and environment around them
  • We nurture the best possible relationships between all members of the school community based on co-operation and mutual respect
  • The children are caring and sensitive members of the community showing respect and tolerance towards others
  • We create and sustain a happy environment in which all children can experience a love of learning
  • The children will be inspired to take up learning for the rest of their lives and have high aspirations and ambition to succeed



Picture 1

What do our pupils think?


Glebelands Primary School                                                       Created  by Anastassja


Imagine if your child had a brilliant education, imagine if your child enjoyed school, imagine if your child got on with others, then you’re living the life of over four hundred people!  Glebelands Primary School is one of the best schools to wish for.  If you’re interested, if you’re impressed, if you’re amazed, then carry on reading!



Here we do all sorts of clubs.  We have: sports clubs, drama clubs, choir clubs and arts and crafts club.  Every year the drama club will perform to the whole school and then later in the day to their parents.  In sports, we have been quite successful at it as we have been doing a lot of tournaments.  Not so long ago the cross country team (Year 5 & 6) ran 1 mile!  Choir also did really well as they sang at the O2 arena in London!



Our staff are lovely here.  Ms Sharratt, who is lovely and brilliant, is the Headteacher of our school.  Our teachers are amazing!  They are kind to everyone also they help all pupils with all their issues.  We have brilliant people in the office and they are very organised which is handy.  We have wonderful cooks that cook amazing meals.  We sometimes even have a little chat when they are serving our lunch.  We have playleaders for lunchtimes they keep us safe on the playground.  They sometimes play with us.



We do provide playtimes as this allows the children to get fresh air and to rest their brain after lessons.  In the mornings we eat a healthy snack of our choice in Key Stage 2.  In Key Stage 1 it is provided for the children.  After lunch, we get to go outside and play.  The children are allowed to play any game of their choice as long as the game doesn’t include violence!  We also go onto the field when people play football.  If your child is Key Stage 1 then about 2 o’clock your child will have another break. 


School Meals

Our school meals are delicious and cheap!  We have different meals each day so we don’t eat the same things all the time.  We occasionally have favourites day which is when we have a meal which are our favourite foods.



Do you want your child to learn and have fun?  Our lessons are fun but obviously educational.  We do have to do a lot of unaided writing when we are in year 5 and 6 but that’s good practise for secondary which is even harder.  When we are not doing unaided pieces, we are allowed help.  We also have sets/groups from highest to lowest so the teachers know what has been covered and what hasn’t.


I hope this has convinced you on our school.  I think it is a very nice school.  I hope you are interested as Ms Sharratt shall be delighted.  We are a very close school.  We are a team and more importantly we are a family.  We are Glebelands Primary School and we take pride in what we do!

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