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EYFS and Key Stage 1


Key Stage 1/EYFS


If remote learning is required, children will be set work through Purple Mash and will use Teams for live lessons:


The children will have been given a login for Purple Mash and Teams.  These will be accessible from a range of devices.



If required, work will be set for the children within a blog and they may also receive an email. 

If the children have emails, they will see a notification on their alerts button at the top of the page.

Teachers will set work which builds on tasks completed at school and the blogs will have clear instructions/videos for work, deadlines for submission and also detail ways in which they can submit their work.  A lot of the work will be set as a '2Do'.  These tasks are available to view by clicking on the '2Dos' button at the top of the page (again a notification will appear if they have been set a 2Do to complete).  These will also be listed as a task in the blog. 



How to view a Blog

Click on the ‘Sharing’ tab at the top of the page and then click ‘Shared Blogs’




You will see blogs that have been shared in this view.  Click on the blog with the date you need and you will then open up a series of links and tasks that need completing.  Each item in the blog should have a clickable title which will open it up showing more information.  There may be a video or photo, links to other websites or a document that needs to be downloaded.





Types of work set


2Dos – These are completed through the Purple Mash 2Dos button and can be submitted for marking.  There will be a hand in date on the instructions.

Emails – Children may be emailed a task which they have to respond to.  The ‘Alerts’ button will show any communication and take you to the emails.  Alternatively, you can use the search bar to get to them.  Type ‘2Email’ and click search.

Attached documents – Could be Word or other formats.  These will need to be opened and then saved in Purple Mash in the file for the week.



Communication, marking and feedback


Teachers will make contact with the children in a number of ways.  The blogs will be created by the teachers and the children are able to comment on each section of the blog (once opened fully).  These posts will be visible to all who have access to the blog (usually a whole year group).  If the children want to contact the teacher individually, they can use the email function and search for the teacher's name.  


Teachers will set deadlines for completion of work.  This work will then be checked and marked - in various ways including, direct feedback through the 2Dos, editing a document to include feedback or a direct email with comments.


As we progress, we are hopeful that more videos can be included and we are working on sharing stories with the children frequently.  Most of the pages on the website are time limited so longer reads can be found in the Video Resource Centre tab.  If there are videos the children need to watch then this information will be communicated by the teacher usually through the blog.


We are now also using Teams to complete live lessons with the children.  To make access easier, it is recommended that you download the desktop app:


Pupil 2Do Task

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Pupil 2Do Quiz

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Logging in to Purple Mash and Teams