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The Hub

Welcome to the Hub!

Mrs Woodhouse runs the Hub sessions which include breakfast by invitation every morning and lunchtime groups for both Key stage 1 and Key stage 2.  The lunchtime sessions run on a Monday and Wednesday for Key stage 2 and Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Key stage 1. 

The Hub is a special place in school where we offer short term specialist social and emotional support for our children based on these 6 Nurture Group principles:


  • Children's learning is understood developmentally.
  • The importance of nurture and development of wellbeing.
  • All behaviour is communication.
  • The classroom offers a safe base.
  • Language is a vital means of communication.
  • The importance of transition in children's lives.


 For more information there is an information leaflet available below.




The Hub continues to offer a place in school for children to grow and learn about themselves and develop their social and emotional skills.  We are enjoying a range of activities in our lunchtime sessions that are available for the children to access on a drop in basis and provide a space during lunch to explore drawing and painting, clay and construction, playing games and making friends.


This term we have been exploring the world of fantasy and fairytales.  The aim being to build our resilience and develop our social and emotional skills to manage the challenges we face in and out of school.  We are also looking at moving on and transition


In the first half term we enjoyed reading a number of different fairytale stories and particularly focusing on Beauty and the Beast.  We explored the following themes:


  • Story telling and sequencing using time words and a story map
  • Lego learning using Lego Story Starter to create different scenes from the story
  • Role play in the French Market and how to talk to people when we buy and sell
  • Good versus Evil Character descriptions examining both inside and out
  • Observational drawings of the forest plants and trees - noticing the details
  • Lego learning with the More to Maths - measurement and symmetry
  • Baking for the Be Our Guest tea party - following instructions, weighing and measuring and timings


This half term we are exploring a classic adventure story by journeying to Neverland with Peter Pan.  Each week we have a theme to practice our skills:


  • Use different strategies - Captain Hook and exploring disability
  • Believe in yourself - Wendy's happy thoughts -Map making and story settings, exploring shadows, water colour painting and silhouettes
  • Communication - Being lost boys - Plan and make a house for Wendy - developing independence
  • I'm not there yet - Transition Week - strategies for coping with change and the unexpected
  • Never give up - Transition Week - reflecting where we are now and where we have come from
  • Being brave - Using the pirates as a theme to discuss being unkind, mean and bullying and how to handle situations.


Welcome to Neverland


We have been using the theme of Peter Pan to explore the ways we can grow and learn together.  Using a Growth Mindset we have been enjoying a variety of activities to challenge us.  We had so much fun making a fairy dough for Tinkerbell, it was so soft and silky.  On a sunny day we investigated our shadows like Peter Pan and tried to draw them with chalk.  It was tricky to do when people moved so we all had to be like statues to help our friends.  The day we became Lost Boys and made a house for Wendy in the forest was fantastic.  We worked together to make a home, we had to think about what we need to have a happy and healthy life.  Pretending to be Captain Hook and completing challenges with only one hand and a hook we had made ourselves was frustrating but, we persevered and were successful.  Never give up in Neverland.