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The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

Dear Parents and Carers

This year, we will be celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday with our annual country

dancing afternoon which will be held on Friday 10th June at 1.30pm. We hope that you

will be able to come and join us. Glebelands Friends will be selling cream teas at this

event. A homemade scone with jam and cream will be £1.00 and for £1.50 for


Children will be wearing their PE kit for this event, but they may choose to wear a red,

white or blue T-shirt to add to the royal theme.

As part of the celebration, we would like the children to create an image of the Queen

in honour of her birthday. We know that there is great creative talent in our school

community and we would really like to celebrate this.

You can make this using your own choice of materials. You might make a drawing,

painting, collage or model. You could use ICT, sewing or knitting skills. You might even

try baking.

Children can work by themselves or in family or friendship groups. Entries should be

clearly named.

We will display the entries in a ‘Royal Birthday Exhibition’ which you will be able to view

on our country dancing afternoon. You will have an opportunity to vote for your

favourite entry and there will be prizes based on this.

Start getting your ideas together and get to work! Please bring your entries to school

on Wednesday 8th June. Edible entries can be brought in on Friday 10th June.