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Green Spots

Green Spots!


A new reward system is in place at Glebelands Primary School.  The children are attempting to collect as many green stickers as they can to show that they are true Glebelands' people. 

Green spots can be awarded for many things some of which are:

  • fantastic work
  • exemplary behaviour
  • making a real effort to improve or progress
  • excellent attitude
  • making good decisions
  • great listening
  • meeting targets
  • showing great progress
  • doing more than expected



Each child has been given a card to keep all their green spots safe. 

When they reach 10 spots, they will receive a certificate to celebrate their efforts so far.

At 100 spots, the children will receive a Bronze award and you will be notified that they have achieved this.  Once every child in the class has achieved their Bronze award, they will have a bronze celebration which the children will have decided upon. 


As the year progresses, the children will be given new cards with further targets (silver and gold) and similar rewards.


Although this is an individual reward system, there is also a team element involved.  The children will need to be supportive of one another in order for them to receive their class celebration.